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Yo, see, usually we musically go until it's cool to be Using our soulfully bodies as we abuse the beat Move your feet and lose your seat happily, not unusually

Leaders are atomically boomin', exploding stupidly Brothers working out open arms, rejoicing jubilantly Every move I see y'all [?], it's all so cool to me Now that I openly express my potency I hope that you all stay acquainted like you supposed to be Vocally I flows in each moment to show I openly Ready for the world to rejoice, peacefully, hopefully I'm normally known as the [?] MC, only me But different yet from the first time of even knowin' me We grow in [?] to grow in size, fitting appropriately What, you thought you wouldn't reshape and grow urgently? Life's on the line, every minute in time, certainly The next best thing than this money is our currency Yeah, as Dinco D would say, "I see" I hope y'all niggas see this shit, too Skylines evoke fly rhymes to kick like a habit Never quit, got saliva to spit, it's automatic Emphatic, no static, love the fabric Irresistible to all like they all gotta have it The outcome for suckers is worse than tragic Gorgeous with the group, it don't get more graphic As sharp as a knife, I'll take a stab at it Whippin' the track, I'm terrific in traffic In a class by myself just like Mr. Magic Poetry performs to pop off at the pageant LONS, yes, the flavor is erratic Current like recent, it's all mathematic Keeping it tight, it's a soulful tactic Locked in a rubber room as if prophylactic Craftin' and creatin' the new up in the attic Reaching for the stars, now you know that we're galactic LONS, it's only been 19 years since we've been back in the studio together Y'all shouldn't be scared, y'all niggas should be frightened See y'all niggas can hang your fucking plans up, make you niggas stand up Hands up (Hands up), hands up (Hands up) News clips, yes I give you new shit, you flip Cruise ships, new whips, sailing from the tropics See we back from vacationin', take 'em in Let 'em all decide while I break and bend, if you with me then come on Never the one to front on, run on Special Ed. program in this bitch, niggas getting they dumb on Then we blacken the spots till they turn the lights in the club on I come to eat your food and get my grub on Blood up on the dance floor (Yup), somebody got a cut Beefin' in the club while niggas drink until they vomit up VIPin' with a bunch of bitches while we chop it up Security pick 'em up, buss boy, you mop it up Back to counting this money with my niggas, it's nothin' though If you ain't know it, now you know Okay, cool We gon' leave y'all to figure out What y'all need to figure out But just know, Leaders of the New School is home

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