LyricsGood Luck, Bonne Chance

Brian Crawley

Last update on: July 22, 2017
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Sarah: Come look at the people here Dark shapes under darker umbrellas rushing about in the fog and the rain In San Louis where I come from there be no hurry no worries

And everything in color Becky: We got colors here! Sarah: Not like there So the day my ship was due to sail, I went into hiding Becky: Would you get in trouble? Sarah: A place worth the trouble drums in the town square, everyone singing and so beautiful, you'd risk anything to stay there I did, I never wanted to leave Singer 1: Sara Crewe yes you do You go to school Alah Kamu Good Luck Bonne Chance Ankuana Goodbye We'll meet again no need for cry Saiwane lokaci Becky: Was'at mean? Singer & Sarah: May god bring good things to you Africans: Sara Crewe Aljana

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