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Bonnie "Prince" Billy

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Last update on: December 25, 2020
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Say I found a piece of rock And put it in my pocket And for the day that we are wed

I put it in a locket Which is to hang around your neck As long as you see fit Well, tell me, o my love Do you think that you would wear it? And on the day that threatens That the earth might open up The birds have stopped their singing And the insects have shut up And all that's left between us Is some al-homdillillilie Oh would you split it with me, baby So that I wouldn't die? And after all these things Is a question I must ask When everyone has called me out And said I am the worst And asked for voices on my side My love, would you sing first? Would you say, "He's okay, He's better than the rest He's innocent in god's eyes And in mine, he is the best"?

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