LyricsShow Me The Sun

Belle and Sebastian

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What do you Want of me? What do you

Want of me? I am hiding in the city Dressed in red Walking in the dead of night looking for an answer (Answer me) I have said I believe Though my greatest friend, the gift of song is here The gift is not enough tonight I fear I breathe Slowly slowly what do I believe? Is it strong enough? Let me love (let me love) Show me the sun (show me the sun) 'Cause my mind is moving at the speed of light I know you place the jewel of love, your heart In the middle of us all to fight it out And we do it We're waking up to that belief And you will be saved Wicked you (wicked you) Wicked me (wicked me) We are lost amongst the dreaming fields of pain Praying on our ever-bended knees That you'd dip your cooling finger in the well, and you touch us I wanna be with Lazarus, I'm on the side of the weak (Side of the weak) (Side of the weak) What I choose to do with my time Is a gift I threw in your face A hangover of youth, but the plain bloody truth: You suffer a while before ladders of gold set you free So I come (so I come) Broke the seal (broke the seal) Broke the faith of every deal I ever made Did the obvious, the weakest thing I could And your mother and your beauty run to you Let me foster my intentions to be wise And to love you

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