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Beans On Toast

Last update on: July 22, 2017
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I spend my days on the road singin songs at camera phones it takes me here

it takes me there it took me back to the Harlow square I grew up a few towns over i used to come here when i was youger so im excited to be back it makes me feel all nostalgic back in the day we were the mudhills crew we'd all hang out together scruffy little kids in bands like janifer, anglico and waster does anyone remember budderfest if so i wanna say hi i been thinkin alot bout the old days down at the harlow sq tonight 7 o clock at the shops, 6 nights a week if you wanted to hang out thats where we'd meet dont forget these were the old days long before mobile phones and if you didnt meet the gang you'd prob spend the night alone but everyone knew the mudhills crew would be down the adventure at the very place that gave us our name sitting on a bridge by the river getting messed up on creamy lungs man that shit was funny i've never had friends quite like the friends i had back in braintree greebos or townies just choose a side apprarntly their not checking ID down at flacks tonight but if they are then fuck it man let just jump the wall i heard stockley did last week and he didnt get caught or we could just go to mudhills and chip in for a teenth get a bottle of booze from annabelles and head down to the bridge teenage kicks and teenage dreams we were the best of frienmd and tonight ive been thinkin bout them we try to meet up once a year at the horse and groom on christmas eve and though we have drifted apart well that dont mean weve lost our home coz back in the day we were the Mudhills Crew

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