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Movie: Naseeb (Sharma gayi main haai haai Ghabra gayi haai haai haai) - 8 I felt shy and a bit afraid Mere nasib mein too hain ke nahee, tere nasib mein main hoo ke nahee Are you in my destiny or not, Am I in your destiny or not Ye hum kyaa jaane, ye wahee jaane, jisane likhaa hain sab kaa nasib What do I know, only he knows, the one who has written the destiny of all Yek din khwaab me, wo muze mil gayaa One day, in my dreams, he met me Dekhakar jo muze, ful saa khil gayaa And after seeing me, blossomed like a flower Sharamaa gayee mai, ghabaraa gayee mai Felt shame, i became confused Kahane lagaa wo aa kar kareeb Fter coming close he began to speak Baat ye khwaab kee, sach magar ho gayee His thing is of a dream, but has truly happened Naujawaan main tuze, dekh kar kho gayee Young man, after seeing you i was lost Anakhe milee hai, dil bhee mile hai Eyes have met, hearts have also met Dekhe mile kab apane nasib Lets see when our destinys meet Hum kahee fir mile, yek hasee raat me Should we meet one beautiful night Baat ye aa gayee, fir kisee baat me If this thing has come to pass, then in anything Ab ke huaa ye, maine kahaa ye This thing that has happened, i have said Muz ko bataa de mere friend Tell me, my beloved.

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