LyricsChains And Things

B.B. King

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Last update on: November 19, 2022

Woke up this morning After another one of those crazy dreams Oh, nothing is going right this morning

The whole world is wrong it seems Oh, I guess it′s the chain that binds me I can't shake it loose, these chains and things Got to work this morning Seems like everything is lost I got a gold-hearted, wrong-doing woman And a slave-driving ball I can′t loosen these chains that bind me Can't shake them loose, these chains and things, hmm Just can't loosen these chains and things Well, you talk about hard luck and trouble Seems to be my middle name All the odds are against me Yes, I can only play a losing game These chains that bind me Can′t loosen these chains and things, mmh Just can′t loosen these chains and things Oh, I would pack up and leave today, people But I ain't got nowhere to go Ain′t got money to buy a ticket And I don't feel like walking anymore These chains that bind me Oh, I can′t lose, I can't lose these chains and things

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