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One time (One time) One time (One time) B-O-Dub

I really want her, but my man stuck on her Baby bad put them hand cuffs on her These niggas lying, but I'm giving her the truth Both hands on her booty like I'm giving her a boost She got her cakes back, with her face front And she gon clown on you if you gotta lace front And If it's hater in here tryna act all hardy They gon get stomped out and drug out this party Cause I'm here with my team, getting this green Her booty on my lap, man I'm living the dream We kick it fo sho, we making it snow And if Cash DJ she gon shake it some mo I said I must be in heaven, seven eleven She shake it so hard I can see through her leggings We up in this thang, and Bow is the gang And if they ask who she is, I ain't sayin no names I'm a just tell em She a Bad Woa, A lil Bad Woa She hear her song, hit the floor And take it mad low She a Bad Woa, A lil Bad Woa She hear her song, hit the floor And take it mad low She a Bad Woa, A lil Bad Woa She hear her song, hit the floor And take it mad low Alright, nine outta ten if she bad then beat it And you probably mean muggin looking sad and you heated Yo girl a necessity, I'm a get it when I need it And I treat her like fruit, if it's clean, I'm a eat it I hit it once and knock that tummy out the park She wanna kick it when I lick it, that's tongue martial arts Legs up in the air, like an upside down stick up If I call, two rings, bet a hundred that she pick up She go to school, I'm trynna take her tonight But she said she can't cause she gotta paper to write I'm a get her, I'm a take her, I'm a strech her, I'm a reach her And she ain't gon care about her professor or her teacher All these women here, and you hatin everyday Rally with some haters, nigga you gay! Yo team run they mouth, my team run the game And I would say you fine, but girl I forgot your name So I say You like it because it's dressed and got a weave on it She make me love it, make me wanna put a ring on it Because I love the way she walk in, I love the way she walk it out Five chicks texting me and she the one I'm talking about She don't ever get in my business, don't ever bug me Clique full of chicks and ain't none of them ugly She listen to Bow music and know all of the words Said she brought the hair on her head she said it's her's And if it's her's then it's mine, cause what's her's I own The Bad Woas got ta tootin once they heard this song Yo baby flexed up, looking clean on her bum She a freak, you could see the ring on her tongue She on the tip, lil mama never trip Purse hangin off her wrist and her polish never chipped She Party hard and ain't ever gotta sleep in School during the week, but clubbing on the weekend She know that

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