Anthony Phillips

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Now that you don't know me, Is it gone forever, past? Now my rock has crumbled

In the stormy winter blast. Now the world is darkening As I watch the farewell train, Though once she spoke within me – Strange, may never see you again. Now the wind is asking: How a rock so firm can fall. Then the breeze he murmurs: She rose not to save death's call. Now the leaves are rustling, Do I hear them speak a name That waits round every corner – Strange, may never see you again. Little girl, lilting lilac, Autumn Queen, by this quiet brook, Once you lay, breathing softly – Now I watch the ashes burn, A stranger who may not return Rose with the dawn, Sailed on the morning tide. Take this, shining acorn, Treasure it, through joy and sorrow When you're old, tired and lonely, Open it – a voice will sigh, A memory that went drifting by Upon the tide that swept you from my side. Now the bells are calling, I must tread the homeward track. Leave the whispering ripples For the next part I must act. Though I gave the whole world, She remembers not my name. That star beneath the bright lights – Strange may never see you again.

No translations availableNo translations available
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