LyricsGod If I Saw Her Now

Anthony Phillips

Last update on: July 21, 2017
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"Rest your head my love; Rest your tired limbs; Leave your mind at peace, at peace, at peace,

What are you thinking now?" "Thinking of a girl As golden as the sun She loved me not like you, like you, like you" "Pray do you love me more?" "It's hard to say for sure, A child, sixteen, was I Both virgins did we buy, we buy, we buy" "You loved her more than me". "She left me one dark night She took my heart for free I've seen her not since then, since then, since then, God if I saw her now."

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Translated byFrancesco Sergi
These lyrics have been translated into 2 languagesThese lyrics have been translated into 2 languages

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