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Anthony Phillips

Last update on: July 22, 2017
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If I was a turtle I would fly I would die So i will just fill this area with nothing Anthony philips is pretty great huh? Definitely Underrated, forgotten Nice and calming acoustic rock/prog, reminds me of some of Genesis's more mellow pieces Seems like he had a pretty big influence on later Genesis Maybe Genesis would have been better off if he had stayed Probably no one's reading this right now Humm de humm dee dumm Over the garden wall 2 little lovebirds Cuckoo to you Keep them moving blades sharp I KNOW WhaT I KILE AND I IKE WAHT I KNWO GET ign better in hiur wordrobe Gettijg eiso buewohiuhfvh uivhoe DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO (Hammond: "I HATE THAT PART") (Clarkson: Laughs)

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