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[Chorus – Chris Lee] You're all that I need The simple things you do for me you keep comin' through I must say that I'm impressed I know you love the whole world, seems I'm the only one you know 'Cause you're so personal You got me sayin' like oooohh, because you're fillin' my cup Oooohhh, I just can't get enough So let it be known, wouldn't trade your love for nothin' You see, you're all that I need [Verse 1 – Flame] Lord you're so holy, in a league of your own You didn't owe me but remember you took Francis Jones You gave me everything when my grandmother died The greatest gift of all, you when you opened my eyes Lord my heart was broke seein' her in there dead In the hospital doctor pronouncing her dead You took my best friend, at the time I was blind Hard to look ahead, hard to put the past behind But like Isaiah 6 when King Uzziah died I saw you Lord, seated on the throne lifted high I saw you Lord, in a way I never seen before I saw that you were love, yes and I wanted you more [Chorus – Chris Lee] [Verse 2 – Flame] Lord you know its true, I love my momma and daddy September 16th was the day they had me And before I met you I gave them a hard time Runnin' away from home, comin' to the crib high But yet they kept lovin' me, lovin' me, now I see That through my parents love you were pursuing me Through all the drama and all the pain They demonstrated grace until the ceiling caved Then you saved me Lord, never forget the day Thanks for carin' for me through Caroline and Sammy Gray Now I wanna honor him like Psalm 127 Can't wait to worship with Him for eternity in heaven [Chorus – Chris Lee] [Verse 3 – Flame] Praise God for April 5th, 2008 Married my best friend, Crystal Gray, that day was great Used to be it was so afraid of gettin' married I can't lie ya'll, your boy was pretty scary But God used my baby to come push out my fear Thought I pushed her away, but she was still here And then a real tear fell from my eyes Because through Crystal's love, I started to see my God Because through Crystals love, I started to see His grace, I was overwhelmed, literally fell on my face Now I would die for her, give her my everything Not just the wedding ring, thank you Lord now let us sing [Chorus – Chris Lee] [Vamp – Chris Lee] I don't ever want to be without you again Lover of my soul, King of the world but you call me friend And all the people you put in my life You used death to open up my eyes Now I see the grace you show me through my wife Paved the way for me to say ... [Chorus – Chris Lee]

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