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#together against coronavirus

I say give Thanks fi obstacles ina we way Because the hurdles teach we

Fi jump Ca hear wa nuh If everything did smooth everyday we wouldnt know we could overcome Cuz if it don't kill we i know its bill we Oh yrd Gotta maje mi stronger Say if u dont try ntn den yuh neva will fail But yuh surely wont get anything done So hear mi nuh Just do u thing and learn from you mistakes experience teaches wisdom And you see if it dont kill we A know its gonna bill we Gonna make me stronger Yuh see the hardwork and the struggle and the hustle hmmm In mi backbone and mi braincell and mi muscle hmm So we fighting with we brain and not we knuckle hmmm So we na go belt under the pressure na go buckle Get fi understand say disappointment a no ntn Cah wen one door lock about a million ago open But if a 12 we work fa That mean say we ago want a dozen

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