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What up? What's good in the galley? This one for the ghost sniffin glue in the alley I bounce with a set a sim's equipped with a foul jowl moment

Waitin for that great celebrity towel throw-in (Now) Aes train invasive species how to bleed stones Drag a leech pelt caper to rubble he call home Then leap out of Gattaca to cuddle and brawl bowed Or should he crawl wrong to brawny ogres of Weatherville Little Billy Spillaguti hopped up on that debt of bills One man walking through a world of mother fuckers Like one Ben Hawkins in a world of Brother Justins Hellcat on a Hot Tin , or rock a sars mask And limper a red carpet to coffin a popstar's hands When the troublesome bubblegum muse occasion ekes itself The meek inadmirably evacuate his arm span Tarzan of Long Island savaged to feed the fam (Fam) Who stuff candles alongside scavengers of the damned (Damned) Stubble waste and insects, soar fend to crooked portions When looked at it in comparison to the fortunes and boredom Who pussy for the dollar? fuck it, whore 'em and I label that Now my sheep is a sheppard's table scrap Sailors knot, wine for his limbs plus a cane and hat Shake it for the same critics who later will fillet the fact (Uh!) Yeah, my up jumps the boogie You'll jump start the nookie wagon Lookie, upjumps the jukie (Jukie) Cold (cold), get retarded and bother you 'til you buy my shit Like Smiley to Mookie Aesop-rickety-Rock he up and walked off Showed 'em how the zeitgeist walk dogs Show 'em how to dodge boss hogs when the markers are gripped Screamin damn, I'm gettin to old for this shit! Sip one, we kill 'em with cuts and no alibi Raised in the heart of NY shit This is not your over-the-counter rap More like over the counter into the Klonopin Keep using your fifteen minutes to diss me Have a nice life, good night, God bless

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