LyricsDon’t Call Me Uncle

Adam Green

Last update on: March 12, 2019
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Don't call me uncle elroy Don't leave me in dismay Hold up the original feeling that wipes away all shame

That's very nice to be constructive like an old man in a young man's game It's coming out the other end with effectual conclusion and disdain Don't call me chester cheetah Don't call me uncle sam Just play me like an orchestra that makes a boy your man Then go into another station my dear and find a girl that fits inside Who comes rumblin down the canyon just proud enough to be my lemon bride Don't call me mr well read Don't call me professor tom You know i've paid the consequence for all i have done wrong But that's alright in the assembly of the evening in the olive branch When you reemerge in the nighttime you'll explore that hollow feeling at a trance Don't call me wooden shoe guy Don't call me wooden man Don't call me mr scarecrow, i have a master plan But i don't know what is egyptian I don't know what is a western thought I don't know what is a mystery to all or which has already been taught The eagle sure has landed and it made me really sad Just go away in back of me and call uncle dad You're my daughter in a sense and i get nervous when you go outside To the bedrooms of the aliens, just love could make a grown girl die

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