LyricsExecution (Freestyle)


Last update on: April 21, 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Bitch, Huh? Smoking on this gas Yeah I'm getting lifted

Bitch ain't got a ride so she had to lyft it Put a Beam On ya head Like a hat It's fitted Point a beam To my head Suicide I'm tempted Wait Pause Feelin like Deja vu If you ain't sucking dick I know dasia do And she bounce on dick just like a kangaroo You need a go-pro To see my point of view I'm four seven shawnn Slapping her ass Like the beat Bitch think she vegan I give her The meat She Pull it out Suck it She come take a seat She claiming she vegan? Let's find out and see Ha! I fuck with you Yeah I get the bread I chase the revenue On my pimp shit I want a prostitute Yeah I scramble brains I call it Eggs-ecute (execute) I'm stepping hard I'm like a cowboy boot I switch the flow up Like a substitute I Can't fuck with you, you And you And you You, oh and you too (That was just a little fucking Freestyle)

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