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There's one thousand, seven hundred and forty-two People in this little town And that one proverbial horse

And everybody here'd be more than happy To spread a little gossip 'round If it ain't about them, of course The bank's called in Bubba's note The Higgins boy's done got on dope And ol' man Dodd's been peeping through windows with a telescope How can there be Chorus: So many ripples in this tiny puddle So many hearts tossed on this little storm In a town this shallow When you stir it you'll find trouble like So many ripples in a tiny puddle Last year the local mayor got caught Doin' the breast stroke in the typin' pool Now that's hands-on politics And Bubba's land, the banker bought it cause he knew That's where they're building the county school He's gonna get rich again And two seniors are havin' babies And no ifs, ands or maybes, cause When you hear it from the Avon lady, its the gospel truth How can there be (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: It's a tempest in a teapot It's a roaring little mouse We call it the Days Of Our Lives on the rural route (Repeat Chorus)

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