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Last update on: September 2, 2020
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My mind needs a mind change Time flies without a time frame I am not looking for my fame

Just a quite man trinna find faith Found the beat but I ain't found hope Look down at me will I look down at you? No Been trinna find the key with the fight in me And become a better man for my wife to be Yeah I came out of the womb with the entire room knowing instantly I had a destiny Always careful with the crowd around me I'm like Barny Fife as a deputy I preach about Jesus respectfully All of you have seen the worst and the best of me Sin is a fact don't live in an act And don't let the people around tell you more than that True true true I guess I forgot you were a human Holy moly hold the track what the heck am I doing? See look at that look at that I'm already of track If I only wish I could go back I would go back But it's too late but we both already know that We both know that I was just trinna show that You only get one chance at life hold a high standard stick to it and never ever ever ever live below that I do not deserve this life I was given Pain of the past got me thinking suicide I'm scared to try but even more I'm scared to live a life where I don't and I die before I die Tell me who am I, is my identity the remedy to fix all of my darkest parts or will I Give up on the hope I wish life was simple so I didn't have to think about this all the time I lock in load then point the taser Don't step to me I can smell a faker If its mine for the taking then I'm the taker What am I portraying? Ima divine portrayer Once was a man born in a manger Son of man born of a virgin not a stranger Lived a perfect life in the midst of danger Died for us all then rose again 3 days later My problem is I just wanna perfect every song Try to fix everything wrong But then when it comes to my life I let everything slip away until the day that its come and gone Depression can hurt but what's even worse Is when you accept it like it's a curse I cannot count the things I wish o could reverse God I just need your words Don't give in to the pressures of life Cause All that will do is let out your light Push back with the same pressure And remember don't ever give up the fight Some of you are hearing this and just wanna die Your not the only one who attempted suicide People say they took their life, took it from who? Took it from the God that once gave it to you Now I just look out at a fanbase understanding for the first time I'm not one of a kind What can I say how can I pray Who can I save tell me tell me how can I claim To be a Christian to see and listen And never stop seeking to find a way Drop your toys no time to play Don't destroy your life or waste your time away This is bigger than words quit reading the lyrics We listen to what hurts but we don't wanna to feel it How you suppose to serve God living like that We called to a life not get old and fat Live your life for Christ more than good and nice Any other ground is seeking to entice But there's was once a price that was paid It gave all of mankind the right to say God please hold me tight cause I need saved This is why I was called to the mic today To tell all of you your dead to rights today Without God in your life your fight will fade I pray to God that you give him your life today And if you already have I praise God for that Saved and sinner are why I write these raps Why l'm willing to talk about my relapse I feel unworthy with every confessions Am I good enough is one of my burning questions I look around at all of my burning wreckage I look at the mirror observing my depression Am I 4 minute sermons or is that just an expression Can I get a wife with that hurting message God right now I'm just yearning for a blessing I do not wanna turn toward aggression It's very simple don't overcomplicate it Simple for simple people none are good all are evil God declared long time ago he called a people Out of the dark but not into a steeple You have fought fights I have never witnessed Don't ever judge another life from a distance Don't ever judge a person by there type of sin Don't ever judge a person on their kind of skin Don't ever judge a person by who they might have been Some of you hate the world you've said its so Hard to let go of resent when you resent letting go These are things people were never told I look out in the world I see are severed souls Time to end the song with a clever flow Pun intended but in my opinion Rap is like coffee Personally I think it's better bold The truth is simple Jesus lives The truth is simple he died for you The truth is simple put your faith in him The truth is simple I wont try to prove What is obvious to those made to see Christ like is who were made to be Choose right or wrong there is no middle But In my opinion the choice is simple

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