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Last update on: September 2, 2020
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Third part of the trilogy they usually flop But I am the exception you will agree when it drops Call ya boy UPS why? All i do is deliver

I worship with the saved and I preach to the sinner The final chapter of a book that talks about sin I hear the voices in my head they talking again Like "whatchu think you doing?" Ah shutup! I got what it takes and I take what I make I don't think you understand this mine for taken! But I also like playin Playin with what I'm saying What I say is wordplay when I am in the mood for playin Some people choose to complain when I just bow my head and start praying I don't wanna get to the end and fail what am I? Moses with Canaan Nah I am one of the chosen I'm taken It's not bogus to claim it Servant of the king my enemy is Satan The term for me is rapper But I am confused Like rapper for a gift? If that is the case Then this song is for you Ima do what I'm called to do What? not what you excepted? Listen to me long enough You'll have a new perspective People ask "hey Markus would you ever sign to a label" I tell um "why would go and sit at my enemies table" Me and the fan base out here repping like marine core We the few and the proud shouting out we can be more I'm complicated I don't do it for the views but my view is That Christian music shouldn't just be gospel music I'm hear to change the culture of the genre Hip hop and not rap You may be asking what the heck is the difference Well the difference is that Hip hop is a culture And rap is versus that are put on a track I'm not gonna hate a genre just cause it's got dirt in the cracks I'm gonna take the genre to the water and give it a bath I don't except everyone to respect it I expect everybody to look at the facts Look at the acts of the book of acts it's a book of the past It taught the spirit is as important as lyrics of the rap Even Paul went into mars hill and understood the culture He spoke as they did, and changed the culture but not the message He knew the mission - it was from that chapter that I got a vision Of being a rapper this is the vision that have for rap You may not agree with me - or maybe even my interpretation But at least that I'm a man that - believes what I say See when they get to the industry they begin to change But I'm here to give a promise that if I make it I will be the same The new era of my life Is a life where nothing's perfect Fear still comes around Just not near as often I can make her pack her bags But I can't make her stop talking Hope has imprisoned her with a sentence where parole's no option I try to block her All the sudden I see the cell block when I realize that everything I just said was not me but fear talking Now I see why everyone gives me that look when I walk in If I had a sign on my shirt it would say proceed with caution! I've been adopted But I feel like if I died today I would just be forgotten Don't think for a second that it's easy dropping my life story These songs ain't for the lives shows I didn't buy my Mic for performing I bought it for the car rides so late at night it's morning I pray the God will help me to help you to grow strong But I kinna feel like this is a lost cause What's going on? What's going wrong? This is prologue this was suppose to be a hope song I think ima cut the track short before all my hopes gone The more albums you make - the more it gets tricky The more albums i make - the more i get picky If you have a different outlook I promise I will not look at you differently I'm a Christian called to love you Even if me and you on a different team The Cure was the start of something I'll be doing for life Its a blur looking back to that mental asylum every night I still wake up sometimes with cold chills ready to fight I'm not saying I'm out of it but I see under the door there's a light

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