LyricsSong For Two (Sung By One)

#1 Dads

Last update on: March 12, 2019
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I hear you crying, yeah I hear you call. I hear you calling, but the sound it doesnt reach me at all. we started shaking, and the earth was quaking. you started dancing to the sound of (admirating?) in your head. I think I like you but i'm not so sure, I think I like you, yeah, I think I wanna love you some more. but you cant help it because i make you feel special. we'll drink some tea, maybe go to the movies. Today i'm waiting, yeah, I'm waiting for your call so sick of waiting, how come you never call me at all. you've got the history on the patient on your system you're trading lovers like nobody's gonna miss them you got me moving to the sound you're holding, it's time to move, time to hit the ground rolling you threw the symphony (?) (?)

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