歌詞Take It in Blood

Mobb Deep

最終更新日:: 2021年7月20日
zitouni ilias がこの歌詞の変更を提案しました。

I′m yawning while I'm waking to the early morning gunfire Another day another scar to require Jumped out my bed, tried to break my alarm Took a shower, and then I strapped on my firearm Grabbed my Pelle Pelle cause I wanna look fly when I die, But it ain′t my turn to say goodbye How do I know? Some people call it instinct I like to call it my luck, who gives a fuck I'm stuck, in this environment and can't depart from it And if I try I always end up back where I started Plan A, square 1, there′s no escapin′ So I've come to realize my truth Tryna live my full life until my time is through Clocks tickin′, so I don't got no time for you As I head outside, amongst the rest of the animals Is where I feel relaxed and safe and I can stand still It′s sorta like a family bond We gather up all the soldiers and form into an ignition A swarm of kids, now it's on again, drinking straight from the bottle, warm gin dripping down my chin For the ones securing, you can′t win against 25 niggas bent up with mac 10 semi-automatics, full-addicted crime addicts So long as there is cash involved, I gotta have it There's many different levels to the criminal mind Either you in it for the money or you wasting your time My destiny will be the death of me Forever loving my peoples, hustling It's only right, niggas be juggling to survive It′s only crime that provides for me So I resort to puffing dimes and dreaming of pushing a ride Negative thoughts fill my brain but it′s the projects to blame Niggas forever getting loot while standing out in the rain So when the sun shine, niggas will be writing a rhyme And if a nigga owing, blood is how I'm taking mine As I climb the ladder, of success with techs Though I rather not have to watch my back get threat But it′s like that, so while you just fucked, getting touched, Your man wasn't aware, that′s why that nigga got bucked I realize open my eyes once this shit got real There's mad drama on the Hill when niggas getting blue steel I love my niggas for that, we keep it real, get loot And our identity is wearing army certified suits Most def, my people hold me down whenever with me Talking all that bullshit but it′s the gats the rules the streets Survival of the fittest automatics recommended Given a life sentence to crime until my life is ended Niggas wanna point guns in my face, so what? (What? What?) I'm taking mines in blood Niggas forever talking shit, so what? (And what?) I'm taking mines in blood Try to jam me on pack, so what? (And what?) I′m taking mines in blood Niggas running out their mouth, so what? (Motherfucker) I′m taking mines in blood How we do it, how we do it. (We taking ours in blood x2) How we do it, how we do it. (We taking ours in blood x2) We taking ours in blood. This city got me trapped like an animal with criminal thoughts I can't seem to turn away from this unknown force If only I can lay my hands on the source of my trouble Then maybe I can heal my scar before it bubbles, It′s like a play, and there ain't no cure We observe this world′s filth, therefore we're un-pure My life is like a bad dream I can′t seem to shake Only my peoples who are equal understand or relate The way we live is never planned, it just happened that way So until tomorrow I'll just be surviving today I'm just another man, on this planet living for death Pops gone, I had to learn to be a man myself But I, don′t stress that He did his dirt, now he pays back waiting in a federal laid back Pops, times is different and things ain′t the same It's worse than ever, to get paid we do whatever See some rather achieve goals and be a scholar I rather get locked like you, earning a 6-digit dollar Making the desert bird holler Doing white collar crimes, but the fed time is hard to swallow And digest so I protest the pen I rather die before the jail cell sucks me in And my peoples we all share the same thinking We all the same on the same tempo, making cowards perpetual Pull out the tech, automatic metro My shots chase you ′round corners, leaving your family a bunch of mourners And I'm all-around, point as that, if you feel me you′re guaranteed something you can feel back Kid, you don't know me, you don′t wanna know me You tried to blow me your weak side just showed me Stepped out my door on 41st Side at 12, Didn't see my crew around so I got bent for search, I had to jet back upstairs so I can stash my 9 It was a Friday night Rikers had it bad one time Cause niggas getting bagged on a regular son D's like "Fuck the drugs, all we want is the guns," So I proceed with caution, eyes open whenever walking Niggas be ass talking then be victims of extortion Hold myself down the only way I know Niggas pumping back in streets, in debt cause they owe Street life is like a trial, ass out if you blow The maximum is death son you know how that go Got me on point, paranoid for life That′s why I walk the street with heat especially at night I represent the North side I hold the title and pride And when its on, I use the infrared for guide Aim it at your temple, with no remorse and never sentimental My crew is cold-hearted from all the foul shit we been through Surviving shootouts, bullets hitting the fence, sparking, Buck my fingers, with guns niggas I′m marking til the blocks darkened Doing my thing, let my gun clap It's like that!

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