Look down, look down Don't look 'em in the eye Look down, look down,

You're here until you die Now bring me prisoner 24601 Your time is up And your parole's begun You know what that means. Yes, it means I'm free. No! Follow to the letter your itinerary This badge of shame you'll show until you die It warns you're a dangerous man I stole a loaf of bread. My sister's child was close to death And we were starving. You will starve again Unless you learn the meaning of the law. I know the meaning of those 19 years A slave of the law Five years for what you did The rest because you tried to run Yes, 24601. My name is Jean Valjean And I am Javert Do not forget my name! Do not forget me, Look down, look down You'll always be a slave Look down, look down You're standing in your grave.

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翻訳者:Lukiã Mendes