TestoWill I See You Now?


Bryan Miranda ha aggiunto il testo di questa canzone. Confermi che il testo è corretto?
#together against coronavirus

Used to see you on my favorite spot Beneath the lights that went off in the end I'll just pretend Find my own starlight tonight and I will see if you were right Will see if you were... Time goes by, real hard and I'm still stuck with you my sweetheart With you my sweetheart Wonder how I've got the feeling of you Taking the meanest things to do But I know there are not really true 'Cause you already love it before It's strange how I'm scared It's strange how I'm all despaired At the end our strangest days take me off And whisper that it's "Time to find my own starlight and I will see you tonight" Will see you... Tonight I'll find the vibes you've got And I will dance one last time Will dance one last time? One last time...

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