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Witt Lowry

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Dear Mark, you're the one with the, words, but my side should be heard Think that it's fuckin' absurd, you talk about me when you rap about her All of your songs, hear about all of my wrongs, that you never played me like pong Like you never went out and did nothin' wrong, it's crazy forever turned into so long Now that you're gone, I had to move on And I'm happy with him But I still can't pretend that I didn't go fuck with your friend every now and again I be thinking of then, I be thinking that that was something I would never intend And especially when it was me who you trusted to take on your feelings and try to remend It's so hard pretend I would lie in your bed, giving you head Listen to all of the things that you said Listen to all of the lyrics you read, you were chasing a dream, I would party instead Young and in love, young and we're dumb I can taste all of the pain in your tongue I can taste all of my pain in the rum Knew it was over before it begun Looking for fun, burning my lungs, learning my favorite feeling was numb Bought every dinner, you barely bought one Maybe I cheat and then we could be done That would be dumb, we were so broke, you were the one that turned into a joke I, kept us afloat, you were the one that kept us on the rope Damn Now you're the man, huh? Seen you turn into somebody I can't stand, huh? Knowing you, man it's all part of your plan, huh? You crazy fuck, I had the chance, I should've ran huh? Never would tell me you cared Never were there Remember that night that we went to the fair? Every fine girl that walked by, you would stare See even when there, Mark, you never were there If all I care 'bout is my makeup and hair All you care 'bout is the ego you wear You tear me apart and continue to tear Now I'm with someone who actually cares FUCK YOU But I can't keep you off my mind I'm seeing everything you drop Sometimes I wish that I was blind You make me relive my mistake, a million trillion fucking times You're a coward, and a stupid rap persona is what you hide behind And my whole family still adores you I tried a million times, I would have only did that for you I can't act like I don't know you, every night I would explode You made me feel I was below you, Mark, I wish I could ignore you but I Can't Damn Near to you, I am healing But it's taking so long Cause though he's gone And you are wonderful It's hard to move on What do you, have here Cause you tell me you love me again and again You were only a friend, it was hard to pretend, I wrote so many letters but never hit send I was never content, I was set on me being a rapper, I thought about music and thought of you after It's funny how tears turn to laughter, and tears on the page, they can turn into a masterpiece That's how you told me to leave, I remember that night, it's as clear as can be You found a new man, and he loves that you drink and he loves getting hammered, don't care what you think You look pretty in pink, you look naughty in red, we know these are the words that would never be said And we're chasing a topic that's over your head, cause you think about me every night as you lie in your bed, that's Real Near to you, I am healing But it's taking so long Cause though he's gone And you are wonderful It's hard to move on Near to you, I am healing But it's taking so long Cause though he's gone And you are wonderful It's hard to move on Well I guess we all change Mark, I guess we all change I hope that you get everything that you want as you yell and you stand on the stage You took all your pain and turned it to fame, they're screaming your name and going insane I kept all our pics, but threw out the frame, before I knew Witt, I knew Mark, now they're one and the same But what about me mother fucker? What about me mother fucker? Except when you talk about me mother fucker I'm tired of hearing 'bout me mother fucker Your mouth was a blessing and now it's a weapon Remember the time and the love we invested I'm posting a pic and I'm getting attention My tits and my ass get a favorite a second See you were with me but were thinking of her Now I'm with him and I'm thinking of you Together to never, whatever we were We're stuck in a cycle, the cycle is cruel A couple of fools, stuck in a pool of people that want to be cool See we're never happy, we're happy so we keep on searching for love as if love was a jewel Remember that night that you came to my school? Stayed up all night and we talked about life My parents and I, we would constantly fight, you said when you make it I might be a stay-at-home wife Apparently that wasn't right Reliving a moment that lasted a night And honestly Mark, gotta start to move on with your life Sincerely, a letter we never would write Like, what are we doing? Like, what am I doing? Writing these letters, but what am I proving? I'm stuck in my room and I'm spilling it all Thinking of what you would say if you call I might be the biggest mistake of 'em all My biggest mistake was to think that I never could fall Like falling for you, falling in love, follow my dream and that's all of my love I just want to feel, I've been feeling so numb To think that I know how you're feeling is dumb We're done, right from the start I write from the heart, a light in the dark They see that you're open and tear you apart Now this is a letter we sign it sincerely, Mark Now this is our letter, we sign it sincerely, Mark

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