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I′ve seen the animal, the animal is waiting, under a full moon, of shiny faces. Down by the river, two dogs attack each other. A woman is screaming at a boy in a baseball cap. Angel boy, in pristine white, comes running. Here comes the gang, having fun,

Big brown dog, let loose. Big man cuts between, points the way, full moon watching, red steel with rubber, You want me? Animal is waiting. With a goldring tortoise shell glass in her hand Inky inky finger there's more feel riding here) From the east end of London, past the M25 How many of us will get out here alive? oooh Wipe the salt from my skin, take the pressure from my head (I come) from the station, gonna watch you slide instead Two eyes on the waistband, one pair of battered feet Is this perfection? is it time for us to be? oohh (?) from the corners of your door Pulls me down and made me clean, i wanna get some more Numbers on your collarbone, will you be my sun? Whip it out and (?) Cruel and tender, magic degrees of truth, Like a spider on my skin, like the way you slip away from me Wave something () is burning () Waiting for winter, dancing for rain, my temptation, in pink and gold... Orbits me, and i, at the center of eye, And crystal water running straight to the sea of release I see eye looking back at me Freshly squeezed and funky...

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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