TestoFather, Can You Hear Me

Tiffany Evans

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Father can you hear me We need your love today I know that you are listening

You hear me everyday Father please hear us And we will be ok Father we need you to heal families today Father can you hear me I'm calling on your name Not budda nor muhammed But it's jesus we cry out loud Father just forgive us Hear us when we say We'll give ya, give ya, give you our lives and souls today Father you know we need it I've never seen so much pain We have the faith for now Your victory we will gain Father you know we mean it There's no more heart of stone Were ready for your power Now the sin is gone Lead: Father Choir: Can you hear me now (REPEAT 4X's) Choir: He will say yeah Lead: He will say yes Choir: yes, yes, yes, yes Lead: say yes lord Choir: yes, yes Lead: yes to your will jesus, yes to your will Choir: yes, yes Lead: come on say yes Choir: yes, yes, yes, yes Lead: say yes Choir: yes, yes Lead: come on raise your hand an say yes Choir: yes, yes Ooh Lord can you heal even me lord see I'm coming to you lord just as I am I'm in need of the blood of the lamb oh my oh my soul say yes i surrender Ad lib and the choir continues with "yes, yes"

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