TestoNothing Is Sacred

Steve Harley

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As the sun was coming up on the danube, the hotel room was alive It′s heart was beating hard as thunder, there were three of us There for the night

And we were talking about the magnificent river of strauss We were saying that nothing is sacred, it's everything else We put a match to a candle and watched it flicker and spark We just stared at ourselves until we couldn′t keep our tired Eyelids apart Then someone (I think it was me) said: "somehow this is rich, "We're sitting here on thr danube and nobody noticed the Blue water bitch" Ohh la la, it's fun to be so kitsch We went out to the balcony, the danube a glorius flame We tookpolaroid pictures and swore that we′re never again going To be the same It was a moment when nothing was stirring save these two and me And the clouds were beginning to gather and crash overhead from The glorius sea We swayed to and fro and talked of michaelangelo And of how there was too much beauty here to take it in one go Then from a corner a tap on the door put the room in a flood There was God in my mind but the problem was water - not blood! Ohh la la, it′s fun to drink of blood They ran around me, demented, white lightning flashed in their heads I was getting bewildered, put on my armour, I was scared of Attack from the reds And with a pound lodged in mu nose I felt kind of rich and serene I yelled: " lenny, come quick, get the other boy, take him out Of this scene!" When he disappeared, there was only lenny and me And we hit on a thousand subjects at once in spite of the dusky Beat Then lenny opened his eye for a second and pulled down the blind Saying: "go if you must but you know you'll always be easy To find" Ohh la la, it′s fun to make it blind We heard phaedre speak of the philistines of paris But she talked to herself like a parasite so we both struggled Free I said: "zizi jeanmaire wouldn't take this and neither will we "If they call me napoleon again I′ll be forced to let the lion Free "I'll tear down all the paper walls they hide behind "I′ll be damned if I'll take much more of this, I'm beginning To see the signs" Then I glanced at lenny and saw that my confidante was beginning To jest Well, he came out of my subconscious and that′s where I put him Away to rest Ohh la la, it′s so fun to be depressed I can't get over my beginnings, I can′t imagine my end I want to escape this wilderness I'm living in, I want to be Somebody′s friend I could do with a little peace, o lord, and my heart cries out For love But to realise all of one's fantasies hasgot to be too much

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