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Can I be honest with you for a second? I've never wanted anything more than this in my entire life. You see we fight day in and day out against all odds in hopes to attain that level of success that we crave so badly. To live our wildest dreams in a world so filled to the brim with skepticism that we sometimes have to scratch and claw for that light of optimism that keeps us going. So we can know how it feels to truly fly high. And we refuse to be consumed by our surrounding; No matter how evil they may be. And it confounds me how much evil there is out there in todays world. And so much of it dedicated for the sake of being fake or fooling others just so they can get by. Now, dont get me wrong. I am not a perfect person. In fact, that word makes me sick. Perfection? A word thrown around like pennies to the fountain floor. And we soak up that scumb like a flithy sponge. Well, allow me to introduce myself. I am NOT perfect. I am sick slinging sins and sipping on false confidence. Insatiable. I am stubborn, unnervingly persistent, and foolishly fishing for compliments to cope with my self doubts. Now let me ask you this: who the HELL wants to be perfect? I am proud of my flaws and I will wear them like a badge of honor on my shirts. I am good. I am evil. I am soulless. I am chaos. I AM HUMAN. And that is all I have ever wanted to be. I know who I am. Now who are you?

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