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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so very much, I am so excited to be here My name is Jason Bateman and I am on a show called Arrested Development or...

Or as some people at Fox like to call it - Not American Idol. I have been dreaming of hosting this show however, since I was little, since I was on Silver Spoons actually. When people find out that I was a child actor back in the eighties, they always ask me the same thing and the answer is: No I have never been to Neverland Ranch, it true. I have never met Michael Jackson, and I try not to take that person because I think I was a fairly attractive child, I want to you look at my old headshot. It′s pretty darn cute, very very cute, I mean y'know I was as cute as Emmanuel Louis somebody could′ve carried me to the Granmys y'know what I'm sayin′? Hey Hey Bateman what′s up Ohh Amy Yeah how you doing? Now listen Yes This is this is a little tidbit for you've charged for all of you people Amy husband, Will Arnett is also on Arrested Development, he plays my brother Joe I don′t if you knew that.

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