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#together against coronavirus

See my brain matter splatter Sever off my head then I put it on a fucking platter Yeah nigga who the fuck cares?

Nigga I don't matter My ego got skinny But my demon got fatter Stir me up nigga Like fresh fried chicken batter Bash a nigga skull with a Home Depot hammer Touch chemicals like baking soda Arm and hammer Anti-UAV Ima fuck up the scanner Yeah I scramble your brain Riker, young head basher Fucking all these hoes only make me soul shatter Keeping up to date See your death day written on my planner You worried bout the wrong shit You reaching for the glamour Why you worried bout my manners? Riker, Salamander Looking for my greatest work Like Samuel Alexander Something like the X-Factor The way I make these niggas scatter Looking up to me like Riker is a pastor

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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