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Waking up dead inside of my head Will never never do there is no med No medicine to take

I′ve had a chance to be insane Asylum from the falling rain I've had a chance to break It′s so bad it's got to be good Mysterious girl misunderstood Dressed like a wedding cake Any other day and I might play A funeral march for Bonnie Brae Why try and run away Slow cheetah come Before my forest Looks like it's on today Slow cheetah come It′s so euphoric No matter what they say I know a girl She worked in a store She knew not what Her life was for She barely knew her name They tried to tell her She would never be As happy as the girl In the magazine She bought it with her pay Everyone has So much to say They talk talk talk Their lives away Don′t even hesitate Walking on down To the burial ground It's a very old dance With a merry old sound Looks like it′s on today

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