TestoMy Honor, My Pride

Nordic Thunder

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As a White man on the street, Many thoughts in my mind Thoughts of my Race,

And the answers I seek to find I am loyal to my people, my Race and family For I am a skinhead with pride and dignity I am part of the few, A strong and powerful force To my enemies I′ll have no remorse They try to break my will, They try to destroy my cause But their efforts have been in vain For I will always stand tall Chorus: The storm clouds are brewing, The Valkyries in the sky I'll take my revenge An eye for an eye - Sieg Heil! I have my honor, I have my pride As long as I keep fighting My Race will never die -Sieg Heil! So much anger but so much pride My true feelings I will never hide To live for my family and die for my Race Valhalla will be my final resting place I know the truth and I know what is right To destroy the zionist way And keep my land White Cursed by my people and shunned by my kin Deep in my heart I know my cause will win Chorus I′ll destroy my enemy For crimes against my Race For all the torture I'll decide his fate I think of the White children, So innocent and pure For they are the reason I am fighting in this war If I were the last man left I would carry on the fight To save my Racial heritage And keep it pure and White I've sworn to protect my people, For that I am crucified I live for my Race and for my Race I will die

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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