TestoBlood Sucker

No Remorse

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Down there on the corner Reaper dressed in black Bleeds our nation of all he can

Rufuses to go back Filthy little Asian In his corner shop Government mental help Gave him all he's got! So do not buy his offers Burn him to the ground Ignore his pleads of mercy 'Cos he puts us down! Sells his goods at double price That's how he makes his bread Scrounging dirty paki Don't stop until he's dead He's an immigrant With a false grin Behind it lies a mind of evil sin One day the world will know that Adolf Hitler was right Sieg Heil! Traitors there in parliament Bought off by the Jews Nationalist opposition are only about to lose We're??? Corrupt system Stand up for you race 'Cos when we finally win They will have no place!

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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