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#together against coronavirus

Few clips of Glue Gorilla got me stuck I'ma tuck just another need a quick night cap I'm posed to hush on that topic but I just doubled back

I get a rush of my dreams and it just come with pack I was a scrub getting dubs just to bust a 5 pack Skipping lunch hungry cause I was up in the Making buzz cause my muzzle important for rap And all my brothers do it too smorgasbord on the map, facts You in the game gotta read and react And thats a fact on the other hand I'm bleeding and lack in focus Finding where I'ma gain decibels back I mean I came in this hella quick and leaving right back Been thru the rain, made sure my boots was in tact You see my name, sprinkle it on tracks thats crack Straight through your veins, never thought to push it for fame Ashamed cause my mother said its always been my lane Ain't it strange but I always kept them feelings compact And had the range to fill in the shoes of Cobain or Kanye I dropped school, had a view, tryna scoop Lois Lane Left the jewel, like a fool, charge it to the game Maintain level head just for bezel embedment And baguette spaghetti on my elephant You hear me I'm ready aint fighting that I'm heaven sent Ain't fighting that I'm heaven sent I fucked up but it's all good

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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