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#together against coronavirus

My pockets fat My pockets green Yo bitch a fiend

She off a bean Snorting the powder and sipping the lean Prepare to bleed Imma murder the beat Luring girls like cows on the wheat Foreign girls come hop in my sheets Fast cars we roaming the streets Lyrics longer than a fucking receipt My music smacking Catching y'all lacking Murder the pussy like a motherfucking baptist Y'all are relaxing Sleeping on me like I'm a fucking rat inside of a trap And I'm like a mouse and I want my cheese Cheddar exact girl get on your knees Fight me and Imma bust up your spleen Shut the fuck up I am trying to eat Got a Rollie on my wrist Where the hoes at Know that I ain't ever snitched I ain't no rat Oh snap Pull up in a ghost cus' you know that we dead One thing on my mind and it's getting that bread Tough like a bear and we ain't talking ted No pets allowed No cat just head Yuh no cat just head Yuh no cat just head Yuh Yuh Yuh Aye Boy you're a rat Homie you're a snitch You look like a monster Lilo and Stitch You're sitting there hating while I'm getting rich All up in the toilet cus' I am the shit Your girl she calling me father Eat her out like some cookies no monster Pistol the size of a Tonka We in a Lambo You in a Honda Right hooks like Ronda (Rousey) Nyquil got me feeling (Drowsy) Boba Fett I'm feeling like a (Bounty) Tripping off my grandma's (Brownies) Life's a trip so I got new laces Fuck counting greens only got blue faces Grills in my mouth and these ain't no braces GTA shit these bitches wasted

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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