Michael LeMont

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Michael LeMont made this trash beat Give the drummer some

Life′s a riddle It's been that way since I was little Friends and foes highs and lows Somewhere in the middle Took the cash from the stash Just to pay the fiddle Lit the gas saw a flash Trying to make it bigger Cruising through the Pueblo Had to let the sauce drip Met this little cutie looking bougie like a boss chick Said she loved the D but just don′t treat me like an object Later on that week they let her hop up on the obelisk Damn straight jumping on it But wasn't trying to tear her down when I was dunking on it But every time she blew my mind I wrote a lovely sonnet I laid them down in my new album now I'm buzzing from it I′m just living life Let′s take it to new heights Give my love to Santa Fe and all the glory up to Christ Shout out to my mom Even though we fight I hope you know how much I love you You're the one that gave me life So you know I′m about to splash Like we won the chip Shout out to the team we made it flip Give the drummer some That's the truth now And then she hit me on the phone And said that she′s alone Said that she just rolled up 7 grams inside a cone Only problem is it seemed like every time we bone She'd start thinking Alcatraz And I′d start thinking Al Capone Bitch I'm grown Out here gunning for a check Just cooling by the pool I'm eating brunch and wearing sweats Life′s the best But all you ever do is fucking stress So nonetheless I didn′t want to but its Black Timbs Polo on but this shit different The commission Smoke a bowl and then go fishin' Still ain′t tripping, slipping but sometimes I pivot Light the J up And nine times out of ten I swish it And keep a lot of burners Just left the trap for a snack and got the Lotaburger Knew on this road we can't go back if we go on it further But swore that cake was a fucking crack I didn′t want to swerve her But felt I had to really Michael LeMont made this trash beat Little bitch Give the drummer some

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