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Lil Chronie, Yung Tuck

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Chronie got suspended when he hit his teacher Chronie got in trouble he don′t need her Chronie got lost when he ran home

Chronies whereabouts are still unknown I don't play around with threats to my squad I ran out of orange juice, i′m mad it's gone Then i order a sandwich from chick fil a Maaayyyn it better not have no mayonnaise ugh Me and tuck be playin on our phone Turn on angry birds when we're alone Them lil blue birds make me so happy Me and tuck be on the floor laughing I make presentations about adhd Smashin towers in clash w the homie I love blue face and anslen they my favs If you don′t love rapping get out my way I love to freestyle, so does doctor s I don′t like to read, i don't do what she says I won′t read a single page of 1984 If the docta makes me it's an act of war All i do is lay down bars every single day If you think my flow is trash i will punch you in the face I love goofing off in class not paying attention What, you say young tuck didn′t even get mentioned? Uh, my name is yung tuck I have an ugly wife but a cool truck Makin bangers is a piece of cake Gabe, switching classes was a mistake In stevie's fifth hour we like to rap In stevie′s fifth hour, we like trap At the end of the year i won't read long Cuz chronie and me will be gone

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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