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#together against coronavirus

Why you trynna bark in my face You should jus stay in yo lane You should just stay in yo lane

Nah I can't be tamed And I gotta Glock go bang Rip Kurt Cobain Niggas wanna get in our way Niggas tryna get on our wave Model x and it go fast Never really came in last Man yo style makes us laugh Highclass makin that cash Tesla make it go vroom When I die put me in a tomb Me and Vros turn up in the room Suicidal bass go BOOM Man I'm really sick of all the drama Fuck with me then I'll leave you traumatized Rocks on wrist on ice Ain't my wrist so nice Real lies Real eyes realize The vibes the vibes That I can't fail to realize Man you with the pitiful lies And I never fail to realize

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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