TestoCould've Been Me

Kirk Franklin, One Nation Crew

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It could′ve been me with no clothes No shoes and no food to eat It could've been me, without Your love

Lord, tell me where would I be? It could′ve been Me in the cold with (Everything gone) No house, no job (Outside all alone) Sitting trying to figure out (Where I went wrong) Can somebody help me? (Tell me, what do I do?) Can't feed my kids need (Money for the rent) Bills after bills but (Everything's spent) The enemy telling me you (Might as well quit and) With tears in my eyes crying (Lord, please get me through) See it′s easy to complain (′Bout material things) ('Bout whatever life brings) But somebody tonight (Don′t know what they gonna eat) So I gotta be careful ('Cause it could′ve been me) See that's the reason (I just can′t thank You enough) No matter how hard I try, Jesus I realize Thank You, thank you, could've been me (Then I) You didn't have to do it, no, thank You Too good to stop now, Father I wanna give You thanks some more All the things I′ve been through Now I see I′m better than I was before When I think about all You've done How You′ve opened up every door I can't help but say thank You And if You wanna help me get up on the floor (Help me now)

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