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Nonstop everything more, I want more (We need more) I determine (we determine for it) for more (We earn more) (Ugh) Yea Yea (Go get it)

More of you (blessings, blessings) we seek more (We seeking it) More of you (Everyday) (Every-night)(All the time) More of finances (Finances) More independence (Freedom) (haha) We seek more so much More (so much) (so much) yea-aye Lord we seek your presence (Lord we do) power In authorities (Glory to your name) More Were claiming more (were claiming victory) So much more (Ugh) we all about more we ain′t settling (no settle) I shout to my ones in the war today (the war) Shout them veterans & them victims (victims) Shout them ones that made it through them trails & Tribulations (Blessed Up) cause you know what i'm Talking about (talking about) when your battle is not Your it′s been the Lords (been the lord) You know you Had a lot of set back (set back) but that set back Comes for a major come back role (Lets get it) Know they want to block you in (block you in) Know they want to take your crown away from you (They won't) know you got to push it Go (push it to the limit) To the limit, let them know More (yah) (yah) (aye) (aye) So much more (so much more) didn't believe now they Believe, now they really want to write it, tell a story I Know (we know) it was just like David (David) just like those Wall of Jericho come crashing down (Ohh Lord) won′t you Reign right down (they need more) (they seek more) (They want more) More of you, Test there f-a-i-t-h (Lord we need you right now) (Ohh Lord) (Ohh Lord) (Rock out) Lord we know it, It availeth much (Ohh Lord) Reign right down from the heaven Reign right, right down from the heaven In the solitude, In the gates (Ohh Lord) reign right Down, Reign right down from the heaven Splash your blood on the door right now Reign right down from the heaven (holy Lord I) (Ohh Lord) won′t you settle it (set em free) (Ohh Lord)(Ohh Lord) (Whoa Lord)

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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