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Everybody tries Lord we need you We need you for this lonely, lonely Gathering (oh) everybody tries

I know you trying I know you really trying & I See it God see it and he really ain′t going let you quit Don't let you really just stop now, cause the blessing Really, just really, really one more time, I mean one More day to give it just a one more step away from Your calling, from everything from really just didn′t Really make sense, now it really starting to make sense (Ugh) I know that you really need to stop trying to figure It out and let God be in control, cause I know you just Really like to control, everything up in your world, but It just seem like this is the situation, that you can't really Take uh part of it, just sit back and just breathe, cause You just dealing with an situation that is unbearable(woo) A lonely world, a lonely place, a lonely girl, a lonely face Of just feeling so miserable (huh) who can you call on Who can you phone up, mane it's just like (ohh) Nobody know me, nobody understand me, what can I Do, I don′t even know my family, why, why, why me Oh my goodness you know, cry just down on that pillow Now you just trying to figure out, it′s a new chapter A new day, but it seem just the same old thing (same old) Ain't nothing even change, but you just gotta know Just remain (dragging feet) stayed up on him, read your chapters And if you don′t like to read, put on that audible book (Ok) and you Know get a little substance, get a little bit spiritual and that real Straight healing, it's lonely out here and it′s cold in this world But you know gotta just keep on pressing on for your family Or your little bit of friends or your frenemies (La Familia) You gotta get it mane, cause if they don't, then you know You gonna end up in a situation (huh) laying in that puddle of that Blood, maybe your own, maybe through somebody else, you know How this world is, it crooked, it selfish For the ones that, For the ones that really going though it right now (Right now) can I get a moment of your time (of your time) Just A minute of your ear (ear) Make your decision, make it right Make it right (ohh) Don′t, don't really just, don't really just Don′t really, don′t really put yourself in a situation, thinking about What you going through, cause you know you facing a situation That you can make it through, and know that everything, everything Nothing in this world is easy, but just know, just know you getting it Just know you getting it, each in everyday this road (You will live not die)You will live not die) This road will play in your faith, sometimes you really gotta lay down Then to get back up again, in this lonely world (Oh whoa) say I want to live (say I want to live) (and not die) I know you know play it by day to day, by day, by day to day (yeah) You gotta hold on, so easy said then done, everybody tries (yes Lord) (Aye) just hold on I know you trying (I want to live not die) Each little step really counts (oh)Just keep going mane Don't worry about the naysayers (You will live not die)naysayers have no Say so (ya dig)(You will live not die) Really out here Trending Mane, really holding it down shout to you, we out love y′all (Bless your soul)

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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