TestoThe Creator and The Destroyer

Karmaflow Band

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Welcome, Keeper You were never supposed to be here Welcome, Keeper

Do not worry, you should not fear These worlds you saw, through which you traveled You should not have interfered You acted right, for them the ending, is near I am second, the pending doom, the light at the end Through me the cycle can begin And starts anew And you may call me... The Destroyer Welcome, Keeper Your existence was not approved Your time has come, it will be done But only after we saw and spoke with your Creator! I felt you found my Karmakeeper Now you are here I claim him back... It might have chosen in your favour It rose above its given task Extending it's existence... It's for the Dissonance to decide When it is their time But look what I've designed A being so divine Let me show you where it leads to To perfection through creation! See, Creator, you should follow reason Bring it to me, so I can crush it all Selfish conduct led to careless reason Brought the Universe, inner turmoil! To sustain and to preserve, the pinnacle of my designs I only wish to have more time... To behold the beauty of what is mine Of what I create Perfection I crave, perfection I crave! If this Keeper holds the Essence And he is the perfect life He knows he should not have been constructed Why don't ww let him decide? You tend to shatter all that I make And this keeper it's divinity, purity He converted the rules you made I am almost there Keeper, trust me, I have the sight of eternity The worlds do not suffer as you think... So you see the end is not as cruel Follow my judgement, the word of the true Now you shall go back to sleep And let the cycle start anew!

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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