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My baby i miss you so, so... Freezing in Darjeeling

Ima pour out my feeling, Hope it blasts through the roof out the fkin ceiling Remember when you broke up I was pleading Heart was bleeding, I was speeding faster than my tears riding through my cheeks, Leading to a path so lonely Reminiscing bout my one and only, Looking at the Rollie on my wrist, Moving on slowly, Thighs so thick, She′s the hottest fkin chick, We were so sick, sicker than any fkin clique, Motherfucka, pour that drink, Miss her more than I blink Miss her more than you think, Wasn't a fling, Promise on the diamond ring I gave you cuz I felt like a fkin king Reminiscing bout her beauty, cutie Way she used to twerk that booty She was naughty, was my shawty Dress up for me like a hottie When we hit them party, We be blastin 5 bottles of Bacardi Baby we were underage and had sex In saudi Talking bout sex, loved the way you used to call me daddy Gladly, we still talk today but I miss you fkin badly Probably we were lost in love so madly Rip my fkin heart & show her my love, One and fucking only, Saying it gently, On a fine day Ridin in my fkin Bentley Thick thighs, brown eyes & your mind blowin′ attire Got my heart racing like it caught a wildfire Promised myself I'd love you till the day I expire Would you come back and set this fkin soul on fkin fire My baby, I miss you soooooo much, sooooo... Love so deep like an ocean In every proportion Thanks to you to take a piece of my heart causing it distortion, Positions we tried got us in contortion with emotion If you ain't coming back I′ma get your love by extortion Baby when you smile, heart explodes in a explosion It′s that beautiful like our love so fkin meaningful Love was so pure, so fkin pure That on my saddest days your smile was the only cure A bitch ain't gonna ride until he′s a fkin ridah Ain't my efforts enough to let ya know I′ma providah Yea I got 20$ in my fkin pocket Don't worry baby I′ma take you the moon in a rocket But you left me broken like you pulled out a fkin socket Wish we could talk it, Attitude got me feeling like fuck it Left my homies and em bitches, Burned them fkin bridges, Gave you all of my riches, And still you got my heart them fkin Stitches Bitches Get the fuck out my fkin way Ima wait for my baby girl every single day Together forever, you said it was a deal Have no idea if my broken hearts gonna ever gonna heal Riding through this fkin pain, fuck fuck I'm going insane Gotta pick my glock n headshot my brain All I'm just sayin is that I loved you to death Till my last breath Broke my heart & tore apart our love that was set My baby I miss you soooooo much, Sooo much... Baby, my babyyyyyy

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