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Juicy J

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Fast life livin', yeah we still tippin' Codeine cups paint a picture so vivid

Codeine cups, Co-Codeine cups Co-Codeine cups, paint a picture so vivid On the lean poppin' Rose with a kush blunt With a bitch, ass fat, see it from the front Mind gone, man I'm trippy and my eyes low Everything purple, all I see is weed smoke Codeined out, but my bitch gon' try If you say I ain't high, then you niggas lyin' A bunch of Taylor's, Memphis niggas gettin' throwed nigga A bunch of hoes in this crib, bunch of O's nigga Off that oil and it's dirty and I'm feeling great Smoke a blunt or two or three just to keep me straight You getting high, what ho, make a decision That medical promethazine trippy prescription Cups overflowin', my vision is dizzy (my vision is dizzy) I'm like Bobby Brown ho without New Edition Purple, purple, purple, cup always full Pass it in a circle, everybody smoking good On the daily might, smoke an ounce just to fuck around Weed man sold out when I'm in your town 2050 Trippy, she got a sippy cup They say don't drink and sip that lean but I mix em up Turnt up to the max, real ratchet shit She bad and she smoked probably half that bitch You niggas still gettin' tipsy, catch me leanin' Smoke some incredible, feel like I'm dreamin' My crib in Cali like Texas sippin' DJ Screw (Rest in peace) Fridge full of Bombay but you can't find no juice

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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