TestoArrive With You

Jordan Klassen

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#together against coronavirus

I first found you all aghast with someone's weight Oh just ringing on the bell an hour late And you arrived alone

I can't remember any words left on the page Any introductions, plans that were arranged Would you still have bitten more than you could chew? Would you have met me in the courtyard if you knew That I'd arrive with you That I'd arrive with you You were thrashing in the water Oh your head was in a spin And just hoping that some movement Would suffice enough to swim But for all your blurry chaos You were a pacifist to me Like a candle in the water Like a rowboat in the sea You know it's true I arrive with you With a doubt of what I ever could atone Oh I arrived at home Just a chamber with a mattress full of stones Unlocked the door alone Oh I arrived at home You see I've never been that good at having tact To separate imagination from the facts If you could dream it in a nightmare, I just might Find a way to make believe that you are right And the only note I played was If we'd ever be enough Found you serving wine from water Formed your hands into a cup Now our bellies are overflowing Now we're growing into flesh And if they want to know where I am Well you know that they can bet That it's true I'll arrive with you

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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