TestoEBK (feat. Jay Wst)

Don Flare

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#together against coronavirus

(Gang) (Gang)

Its a opp in the spot he get picked off Thirty on me and im rollin too deep Pussy boy shooting his kicks off Hop out the V Shooters elite Fuck you think I got a grip for Slide in traffic We gon clap em Bitch I pack a steel No legs, we gon pop at his top Bitch I shoot for real You aint gang I aint jacking you We pack em up in a second Have you rethinking your moves Im always O.P. So you know I aint bluffing I'll really give a nigga the blues Call up Kj and i bet you get boomed Click clack nigga clear out the room I show love cause im all for the peace But do me wrong, you get put in a tomb Like watch out I call up cuz and that nigga crazy He gon, back out I got the treesha she in the trap She gon, tap out I got the sauce these niggas envy Keep that semi tucked Reload Bitch you better duck Movements Crazy Treesha Baby Movie Viral They gon have to replay it And she say she tryna get nasty You gon have to prove it to me Wanna know why they Call me Don the demon Watch what that liquor doing to me And nowadays they killing for clout Make me wanna keep the 38 World keep turning This shit never stops So i can not hesitate And I aint no running rick But i got to paper chase And we turn him running rick If that boy ever watching face (Boop boop boop boop boop) Call cuz he gon clear out the room I aint woo but i fuck with the woos Stacking chips bitch i feel like a jew Thirty thousand What i payed for the shoes Red bottoms sauce em Body em coffin Too tired i feel exhausted Had your chance lil bitch you lost it Me and gang rich We gon make a fortune Shoutout my movers Kirk sides where its cracking I call up the woos And its lights camera action These niggas want ksubis Can't even pronounce em Rocking never fold Im fluent with the fashion Dreads in my face so You know how im moving Im E.B.K bitch so you Cant catch me snoozing Smoking dope to the face Whatever the weather I really do it, the rest are pretenders

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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