TestoLondon, Bye, Ta-Ta

David Bowie

Karla Montesdeoca ha aggiunto il testo di questa canzone. Confermi che il testo è corretto?

London bye ta-ta Strange young town London bye ta-ta Brought my down Don't like your new face That's not nice Got to go far, far London bye ta-ta Gigi, Gigi Take me away Gigi, Gigi Take me today The boys in the clothes shop Sold me curry for a pound His cardboard face is soggy, And his sellings thorny crown I loved her! I loved her! I've got to get away But I loved her! Oh-oh-oh Red light, green light Make up your mind Red light, green light You're far too un-kind She loves to love all beauty, And she says the norm is funny But she whimpers in the morning When she finds she has no money I loved her! I loved her! I've got to get away, But I loved her! Ahhh! Oh-oh-oh Ahh Oh, London bye ta-ta Oh, London bye ta-ta Oh, ehh

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