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DW Santy

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Tell me what you′re thinking Every time we We stare at each other and then start to feel

The temptation Is it love or infatuation? I can be with you and you with me So, baby tell me again What you really think What you want to do? What you really feel What you trying to do? I can feel the temptation Baby send your location I know you want to love But that's not what, what I′m trying to do Call my name, call my name say yea I know why, I know why you are Touching there, touch you where oh ah Touch my lips and I'll touch your arms Tongue kissing It's a great feeling I know I′ll risk it We′re just fine sinning We're just fine kissing You know you′ll risk it I know you're blinded by By lust, like me Addicted, to it We can, just kiss And let the things happen Again, again, again Baby let′s make amends You know what Imma say You know what I'll say This shit better than love The way your hands be touching my body You know I love the way they surround me The way your lips softly kiss my body Perfect hips, with my style she copies Falling in love is not what we′re wanting

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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