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#together against coronavirus

Watch where you going Cause people be knowing The steps that you take every time you develop

Your skills and priorities With no authorities Not a murder scene but they need to catch up The fuck is saying What are you doing My crew is not playing, we're tired of losing Stop with the comments because we're not proving That we can make it, bitch we just do it I don't understand why so many things aren't plan Obligations got to be fixed and I face it like a man Back the fuck up, I'm bout to slam Both of my hideous hands Plus I'm tryin' hold to my head Right up high but i'm so fed Shit I be killing shit like it's the end of the month On my sgp shit, I'ma keep bringing the funk If I have to, I'll sell tapes back of the trunk And nowhere in my life have I ever been stuck Because I'ma keep it pushing like I'm lifting some weights And I really can't decipher who's real or fake Boy I'm putting in that work like I'm dying to slay Plus, I don't give fuck about what you gotta to say Bitch

Nessuna traduzione disponibileNessuna traduzione disponibile
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