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When we experience the fullness of God, we will glorify God and Christ with our daily life When we experience the fullness of God, we will glorify Him in the church The music will glorify God, the preaching should glorify God

CPD, and I'm back like I never left In a new flow, but still in the treble cleft In a new night, but still get no rest In a new fight, but still have no breath Can I get an amen, like one time Can I fight the demons in my mind Can I fight the stress that is in my life And can I live my life as a sacrifice I wanna live without anxiety Cut off the strings that's guiding me To live my life gotta die to me Die to me, that's gonna bring me peace Feeling all the pressure from everywhere Every side I feel their stares Wants something new from CPD But they never even come and ask of me Outcast in my family, overcast shinning on the tree Growing up spiritually, in a new season moving me Now I'm in a new season losing me Look in the mirror, that's CPD But that doesn't really look like me Is that really real... CPD I'm questioning my actions Questioning decisions Questioning my role, and my past divisions Looking at my life, I don't want dissension Don't think about it, think optimism I don't wanna be bad, I just wanna be good Look at myself, and I ask who could Love me after what I did, what I do, and how I live 2 Corinthians 4:5, for we preach not ourself, but Christ Jesus the Lord And ourselves your servants for His sake He's to be lifted up, it's all to center around Him It's not about me, it's not about you, it's all about Him And He is to be exalted and lifted up, and He will draw men onto Him We've met here to worship and to praise and to give Him honor and glory, and He's worthy Power went out in the middle of the night Power went out in the middle of the fight Now I'm left in the dark no light To be left in the dark no sight Don't know what to do, where to go from here Don't know how to live, how to squash my fear Don't know where to go, how to live, how to act But I see a new side, every attack Pull the shot back and I'm gonna let it fly But I'll never really know if I hit it in my mind And I'll never really know if I get the bullseye But I'm not really close, so why even try, Uhh I'm doubting, I'm doubting, I'm doubting I'm drowning, I'm drowning, I'm drowning Now I'm looking for an answer Everyday I'm searching For the strength in me And a love that I'm learning How to trust and be secure How to live, and live so pure I'm doubting myself when the people believe in me Look at myself, I never see what they see End of the day, I just want to believe in me Follow my dreams, with everything up in me Yeah... I have pressure and I know that it be killing me Yeah... I'm supposed to be dead, but just like I said, I already died to me If I really died to me Then how is this killing me Pressure denying me Like who now is CPD

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